• N566FD
    N566FD "Sunshine"
  • N178CT
    N178CT "Sunbeam"
  • N503NM
    N503NM "Sunrise"
  • N6758F Piper Cherokee
    N6758F Piper Cherokee

  Student leaning against the tail of N566FD

Welcome to New Flyers Association

Central Ohio's leading sport aviation club!

We are a flying club based in hangar A-10 at the OSU Don Scott Airport in northwest Columbus, Ohio, since 1968.

We specialize in light sport aircraft, having licensed and experienced staff both in training and maintenance. They provide a new way to fly by having a focus on modern avionics, yet bringing a simple approach to flying.

Our Cherokee Warrior is also great for learning in a heavier aircraft for stability, and practicing in poor weather conditions for your instrument rating!

If you want to meet personally with an instructor, or to see our facilities, please feel free to e-mail us to arrange an appointment!

Feb 12, 2016
KOSU 130012Z 30018G26KT 4SM -SN SCT011 SCT015 BKN050 M06/M09 A3006 RMK AO2 PK WND 29026/0007 P0000 T10611094