Membership & Pricing

How does New Flyers Association Membership and Pricing Work?

You may have seen, on our aircraft page, several different pricings. Each one of these reflects a type of membership and/or deposit. We'll explain what those are.

First, Casual Flyers are everyone in the general public who isn't a member or a member's guest. New Flyers Association is a member driven organization, but we understand that sometimes, people just want to scratch the itch and do a little flying. This allows you to forgo monthly dues for an additional rate on aircraft rental.

Note that you cannot solo an aircraft as a casual flyer or take more than basic flight training. You need to be a member for those privelages.

An Aviator Member is what we call someone who IS a member of our organization. They get full privileges of membership, including after-hours access, full training privileges, ability to rent, and invitations to NFA events.

What's the Discounted Rate though? Well, New Flyers Association offers ways for Aviator Members to decrease the cost of rental and instruction.

One way is by placing a deposit with us. Even with insurance, there is some risk to NFA regarding damage to aircraft, and this is accounted for in the rates. If a member chooses to place a deposit down for security, NFA will provide a discount!

You can also volunteer to help out in outreach programs and upkeep.

How much do you save with discount programs?

To provide an example, if you rent an aircraft for 60 hours to train for your private pilot, and there's a $10 discount, that's a savings of $600!

If you have any questions about specifics, please contact us!

How much does licensing cost?

Please have a look at the specific licenses on training programs to get a general idea of costs.