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Welcome to New Flyers Association

To the New Flyer membership

The New Flyers Association was begun as a Social Flying Club during the last century primarily as an organization to Columbus area pilots having an interest in aviation and to enjoy the thrill and pleasure of flying.  Our present President and Chief Pilot, Richard Willis has been with this organization from the beginning, but is now looking to reduce the amount of time and effort that is necessary to oversee the Club Operation and has decided to step down as President of the club.  The NFA Board of Trustees have determined that it is in the club’s best interest to dissolve New Flyers Association and to create a brand-new organization, Columbus Flying Club (CFC).

Impact on the existing club membership

This transition should be relatively seamless to current members of the New Flyers Association.   CFC has agreed to accept all current members into the new organization.  All existing balances will transfer to member accounts in the new club.  There will be no new initiation fees or change in dues.  There will be no major external change to how the Club operates.  We will continue to use the MyFbo scheduling and management system and the aircraft owners have agreed to move their aircraft to the new club.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 614-696-9936 or email admin@columbusflyingclub.org


To log into the Columbus Flying Club system, please go to www.columbusflyingclub.org and click "Member Login"


Thank you!

Columbus Flying Club

Phone: 614-696-9936

Email: admin@columbusflyingclub.org

Website: www.columbusflyingclub.org