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    Flight Design CTLS

  Student leaning against the tail of N566FD

Welcome to New Flyers Association

Central Ohio's leading sport aviation club!

We're a social flying club established on the OSU airport since 1968!  Formed to promote aviation, provide an economical method for members to learn and enjoy the pleasure of flying, and to promote social interaction among it's members.

Whether you're looking to train for a pilot's license, or update your currency, we have experienced staff both in training and maintenance.

Our specialization is in light sport aircraft, providing a new way to fly by having a focus on modern avionics, speed, and efficiency, making them some of the best available among small aircraft.

In addition, despite their name, they are not limited to Sport Pilots! We use them to train Private Pilots, Instrument Pilots, and Commercial Pilots as well! With a private pilot at the helm, they CAN fly at night too! See more at Light Sport is Awesome!

However, we're not limited to just Light Sport! We also have traditional aircraft, which are known for stability, and practicing in actual poor weather conditions for your instrument rating! See the complete aircraft list.

If you want to meet personally with an instructor, or to see our facilities, please feel free to e-mail us or call to arrange an appointment!